Mortgage Industry Association of Australia - Minor Variation - A90880


Mortgage Industry has lodged an application to vary A90880. Authorisation A90880 was granted by the ACCC on 18 February 2004 in relation to the MIAA's Disciplinary Rules (the 'Rules') which are part of the regime governing the conduct of its members. In particular, the Rules outline the processes for investigation of complaints, expulsion of members and refused applications for membership or accreditation.

Minor variation granted in relation to the proposed changes considered by the ACCC to be minor and denied in relation to a number of changes not considered to be minor. The changes considered to be minor are mainly procedural in nature. Those changes not considered to be minor were those:
- granting the MIAA Board discresion to hear appeals in relation to refused membership;
- allowing the Noard or State Council to suspend, censure or expel any member regardless of the status or decision of any appeal to the MIAA Tribunal;
- introducing new penalties; and
- allowing the MIAA tribunal to make retrospective decisions in respect of penalties.


  • Mortgage Industry Association of Australia

Authorisation number(s)

  • A90880