Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia - Revocation and Substitution - A91118


The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) seeks reauthorisation of its Disciplinary Rules which are part of the regime governing the conduct of MFAA members. On 30 March 2009 the MFAA amended its application for revocation and substitution.

The MFAA also made a request for interim authorisation. On 19 February 2009, the ACCC decided to grant interim authorisation for the MFAA to continue to give effect to those provisions of the Disciplinary Rules as currently authorised under authorisation A90880 while the ACCC considers and evaluates the merits of the application.

On 27 May 2009 the ACCC issued a determination granting authorisation to the MFAA's Disciplinary Rules for 5 years subject to the condition that the MFAA delete rule 4.7.1A.

A copy of the ACCC's decision can be found under the ACCC decisions link.


  • Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91118


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