Medicines Australia Limited - Revocation and Substitution - A91436 - A91440


On 2 July 2014 Medicines Australia sought re-authorisation in respect of Edition 18 of the Medicines Australia Code of Conduct, which is a voluntary industry code of conduct for the prescription medicines industry in Australia.

On 24 April 2015 the ACCC issued a final determination granting conditional authorisation for a period of five years.

In edition 18 of the Code, Medicines Australia proposed to require its member pharmaceutical companies to report certain benefits made to individual healthcare professionals. The conditions of authorisation require:
-Medicines Australia member companies to ensure, before providing a relevant benefit to a healthcare professional, that the benefit will be able to be individually reported
-the transparency data to be published in a common accessible format
-the transparency data to be made publicly available for at least three years from the date of first publication
-Medicines Australia to use reasonable endeavours to establish a central reporting system for reporting this transparency data and provide regular reports on its progress in doing so.

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  • A91436
  • A91437
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  • A91439
  • A91440


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