LPO Group Limited - Authorisations - A91583 & A91584


LPOG seeks authorisation, on behalf of itself and its current and future Licenced Post Office (LPO) members, to enter into and give effect to an arrangement that LPOG represent its LPO members in collective bargaining negotiations with Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post). LPOG proposes to negotiate a new agreement with Australia Post, or to vary the agreements that are currently in place on behalf of its LPO members that opt-in to the collective bargaining group, and those wishing to do so in the future.

LPOG also seeks authorisation to engage in a limited collective boycott of Australia Post where the participating LPO member will agree not to negotiate with Australia Post on an individual basis while collective negotiations are ongoing. 
Authorisation has been sought for five years.

On 9 November 2017, the ACCC issued a final determination granting authorisation for five years to allow LPO Group Ltd on behalf of itself and its current and future licensed post office members, to engage in voluntary collective bargaining with Australia Post.


  • LPO Group Limited

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  • A91584
  • A91583


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