Job Futures Limited - Authorisations - A91084 & A91085


On 25 March 2008 Job Futures lodged two applications for authorisation.

Job Futures is seeking authorisation for an arrangement between its members (both current and future) to permit Job Futures to:

- tender on behalf of members for government contracts to provide employment services on condition that members will not tender for the same or similar program while delivering that program or similar program under sub contract to Job Futures. Job Futures will also not tender for new contracts against a member organisation where they have historically provided that program in that location; and

-develop co-operative tendering arrangements which include agreements as to the price that will be tendered and the price paid for services provided by members to Job Futures and agreements as to the territories in which members and Job Futures will tender to deliver services.

On 22 April the ACCC granted interim authorisation on slightly different terms to those proposed by Job Futures. Information about the ACCC's decision on interim authorisation can be found in a letter to Job Futures located under the `ACCC decision' link below.

The ACCC issued a draft determination on 26 June 2008.

The ACCC issued a final determination on 18 September 2008.


  • Job Futures Limited

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91084
  • A91085