Description of Conduct

The Homeworkers Code Committee (HWCC) has applied to revoke authorisations A91354-A91357 (which expire on 26 October 2018) and substitute a new authorisation (AA1000418) in order to continue to give effect to the Homeworkers Code of Conduct, to be renamed ‘Ethical Clothing Australia’s Code of Practice, Incorporating Homeworkers’ (the Code), as amended.

The Code assists businesses in the textile, clothing and footwear industry in Australia to ensure compliance with the legislative requirements applying to homeworkers or outworkers by providing education and imposing obligations on participants in the supply chain to provide award wages and conditions.

Businesses under the code are able to promote their credentials to consumers by displaying the Ethical Clothing Australia license mark and trade mark. Businesses may be audited under the Code and boycotts can be imposed on businesses which do not observe their legal requirements. A form of the Code has been authorised by the ACCC since 2000.

On 30 August 2018 the ACCC released a determination re-authorising the proposed conduct until 21 September 2028.


  • Homeworker Code Committee Incorporated

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000418-1



Submissions - before draft decision

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The Hon Grace Grace, Minister for Education and Minister for Industrial Relations, Qld
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Chung Tin Fashion Pty Ltd
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University of Melbourne
Cue Clothing Company
An Interested Party (ACCC file note)
An Interested Party (ACCC file note)
An Interested Party (ACCC file note)
Department of Mines, Industry, Regulation and Safety
to Barwyn and back
Australian Fashion Council
DNA Manufacturing Pty Ltd
Blue Gum Clothing Co. Pty Ltd
Vince Clothing
Blue Gum Clothing Co. Pty Ltd
Australian Council of Trade Unions
CFMEU Manufacturing
Fraser and Hughes
Oxfam Australia
Anthea Crawford
OCC Apparel
The Social Outfit
Asian Women At Work
The Ark Clothing Co Pty Ltd
Perri Cutten
Shiny Dynamic Uniform Solutions
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