Description of Conduct

On 15 December 2021, the ACCC received an application for authorisation from Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group (GWRRG) on behalf of itself and 6 councils (Bass Coast Shire Council, Baw Baw Shire Council, East Gippsland Shire Council, Latrobe City Council, South Gippsland Shire Council and Wellington Shire Council) (Participating Councils) (together, the Applicants) to jointly procure the provision of domestic waste collection and transport services.

Authorisation is sought for:

a)    GWWRG, on behalf of the Participating Councils, to conduct a collaborative competitive tender process for the Services, to evaluate the responses in collaboration with the Participating Councils and to negotiate the contractual framework on behalf of the Participating Councils;

b)    the Participating Councils to enter into contract(s) with the successful suppliers(s); and

c)     ongoing administration and management of the resultant contract(s) to be undertaken by the Participating Councils

(the Proposed Conduct)

On 16 February 2022, the ACCC issued a draft determination proposing to grant authorisation for 11 years and granting interim authorisation to allow GWRRG and the Participating Councils to commence the tender process.

On 24 March 2022, the ACCC issued a final determination granting authorisation for 11 years, until 30 April 2033.The ACCC’s final determination is available below.


  • Baw Baw Shire Council
  • Gippsland Waste and Resource Recovery Group
  • Bass Coast Shire Council
  • Wellington Shire Council
  • South Gippsland Shire Council
  • Latrobe City Council
  • East Gippsland Shire Council

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000597-1