Description of Conduct

eRx Script Exchange Pty Ltd (eRx) is seeking re-authorisation to continue to operate its Prescription Exchange System interoperably with IP MDS Pty Ltd's (MDS) Prescription Exchange System, and vice versa. eRx also requested interim authorisation, as its existing authorisation A91579 expired on 30 June 2020.

Specifically, eRx is seeking re-authorisation for the parties to continue their revenue sharing arrangement. Under the arrangement, where prescription details are collected from a doctor by one Prescription Exchange System, but are downloaded by a pharmacy using the other party’s Prescription Exchange System, eRx and MDS will share equally in a fee they charge pharmacies. The fee charged to pharmacies is $0.15 per eligible prescription.

On 4 June 2020, the ACCC granted interim authorisation to allow eRx and MDS to continue to operate their respective systems interoperably while the ACCC considers the merits of the substantive application for re-authorisation.

On 10 December 2020, the ACCC issued a determination granting authorisation until 30 June 2025.

The determination and a full copy of eRx’s application for authorisation are available below.

2 March 2020

Lodgement of application and supporting submission.

4 June 2020

ACCC decision regarding interim authorisation

13 November 2020

Draft determination

November 2020

Public consultation on draft determination including any conference if called.

10 December 2020

Final determination.


  • eRx Script Exchange Pty Ltd

Authorisation number(s)

  • AA1000472-1