CSR Building Products Ltd - Authorisation - A90964 and A90965


CSR Building Products Ltd (CSR) has lodged two applications for authorisation. Under the first application (A90964), CSR seeks authorisation to allow collective bargaining in relation to contracts with lorry owner drivers transporting building products including bricks, pavers and blocks. Under the second application (A90965) CSR seeks authorisation in relation to proposed negotiations between CSR and owner-operators involved in the cartage of raw materials to CSR plants for use in the manufacture of bricks and pavers. The owner-drivers operate in and around Brisbane and the quarries situated at Cooroy, north of Brisbane.

In June 2005 the ACCC granted authorisation to applications A90964 and A90965 until 30 June 2011.


  • CSR Building Products Ltd

Authorisation number(s)

  • A90964
  • A90965

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