Description of Conduct

On 14 December 2017 the ACCC decided to grant authorisation to BP, Woolworths and BP Resellers to implement Woolworths’ Shopper Docket Discount Scheme and Woolworths Rewards Loyalty Program at BP owned and operated service stations and certain BP Reseller service stations on condition that BP and Woolworths not offer fuel discounts under these arrangements that exceed 4 cents per litre in aggregate for a single fuel purchase, and that Woolworths’ funding of any fuel discount offers does not exceed 2 cents per litre.

In respect of the aspects of the Proposed Conduct relating to ‘Transitional Dealings’ between BP and Woolworths (in the period following completion of the Proposed Acquisition during which some Woolworths sites may not have transferred to BP and in which Woolworths and BP may be considered competitors), the ACCC grants conditional authorisation until 31 January 2019. The ACCC otherwise grants conditional authorisation to the Applicants in respect of the Proposed Conduct until 31 January 2028.


  • BP resellers
  • Woolworths limited
  • BP Australia Pty Ltd

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91581
  • A91582
  • A91580


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