Australian Swimmers Association Incorporated - Authorisation - A40106


On 31 January 2006, the Australian Swimmers Association Incorporated (ASA) lodged an application for authorisation seeking to collectively bargain on behalf of its members with Swimming Australia Limited. The ASA also requested interim authorisation of the proposed collective bargaining arrangement.

The ASA has applied for authorisation under a streamlined process available for small businesses proposing collective bargaining arrangements. Under the streamlined authorisation process for small business collective bargaining arrangements, the ACCC will undertake to respond to requests for interim authorisation and issue a draft determination within 28 days of receiving an application and will finalise its consideration within 3 months, provided it has received sufficient relevant information.

On 22 March 2006, the ACCC released a final determination granting authorisation to the ASA's proposed collective bargaining arrangement for five years.


  • Australian Swimmers Association Incorporated

Authorisation number(s)

  • A40106