Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited - Revocation and Substitution - A91281, A91282 & A91283


The Australian Payments Clearing Association Ltd (APCA) has lodged an application for revocation of authorisations A91016 to A91018 in relation to the High Value Clearing System (HVCS) Regulations and Procedures (previously authorised on 14 February 2007) and substitution of new authorisations in relation to suspension and termination of HVCS membership and the requirement that members join SWIFT (relevant provisions).

On 25 January 2012 the ACCC granted interim authorisation.

On 2 May 2012 the ACCC issued a final determination granting authorisation in respect of the relevant provisions for 10 years.

A copy of the ACCC's determination is available by following the links below.


  • Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91281
  • A91282
  • A91283