Australian Paint Manufacturers' Federation Inc. - Authorisation - A91251


On 12 October 2010 the Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation (APMF) applied for authorisation for an agreement with manufacturers and suppliers of architectural and decorative paint to impose a levy on the wholesale sale of paint. The levy will be used to fund a 12 month waste paint collection scheme trial in Victoria.

In its application for authorisation, the APMF proposed that participating paint manufacturers would impose a levy of 5 cents per litre on the wholesale sale of paint in Victoria. On 17 December 2010 the APMF amended its application for authorisation to propose that a national levy of 2 cents per litre be imposed instead of the Victorian levy. The national levy will still be used to fund the 12 month waste paint collection scheme trial in Victoria.

On 20 April 2011 the ACCC issued a final determination granting authorisation to the APMF until 1 December 2012.

A copy of the ACCC's determination is available by following the links below.


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  • A91251


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