Aurizon Operations Limited & SCT Logistics - Authorisation - A91512


Aurizon Operations and SCT Logistics propose to collectively discuss and negotiate the terms and conditions of Access Agreements with Brookfield Rail, including price, relating to the use of standard gauge rail infrastructure covered under Schedule 4 of the Railways (Access) Code 2000 for the purpose of transportation of freight by rail which enters or exits the interstate rail freight network controlled by the Australian Rail Track Corporation, to discuss amongst themselves matters relating to these discussions and negotiations, and to enter into and give effect to contracts, arrangements or understandings regarding the agreement with Brookfield Rail containing common terms and conditions, including price, which relate to the use of this railway infrastructure.

The ACCC granted authorisation to the arrangements on12 February 2016 until .5 March 2021.


  • Aurizon Operations Limited
  • SCT Logistics

Authorisation number(s)

  • A91512