AgStewardship Australia Limited - Minor Variation - A91105


AgStewardship Australia Limited (AgStewardship) has applied for minor variation to authorisation A91105. The authorisation was granted on 21 January 2009 to allow AgStewardship to charge a four cents per litre/kilogram levy on the manufacturers and suppliers of agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals to support the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme (the Scheme), which incorporates the drumMUSTER and ChemClear chemical container collection programs.

AgStewardship proposes to amend the definition of "containers" which are collected under the Scheme which limit the collection of "rigid" containers. This expands the eligibility criteria for containers accepted under the Scheme.

Apart from amending the definition of "containers", the proposed variation does not otherwise alter the operation of the Scheme, nor does it alter the levy.

On 19 May 2011 the ACCC granted interim authorisation to the proposed variation.

On 9 June 2011 the ACCC granted authorisation to the proposed variation.

A copy of the determination is available by following the links below.


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  • A91105


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