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On 21 August 2018 AgStewardship Australia Limited applied for revocation of its previous authorisation (A91382) and its substitution with a new authorisation, relating to the operation of its drumMUSTER and ChemClear programs, which provide for the collection of used, unwanted, empty agricultural and veterinary chemical containers and chemicals, funded by a voluntary levy on manufacturers and suppliers of the chemicals.

AgStewardship sought re-authorisation of the arrangements for a further five years, and to increase the levy, which has been 4 cents per litre/kg since it was first imposed in 1999, to 6 cents per litre/kg.

A copy of the application and submission are available by following the links below.

On 19 December 2018 the ACCC granted re-authorisation to the arrangements until 10 January 2024, including the proposed levy increase.

Indicative timetable for assessment of the application

21 August 2018

Lodgement of application and supporting submission.

24 August 2018

Public consultation process begins.

28 September 2018

Closing date for submissions from interested parties.

October 2018

Applicant responds to issues raised in the public consultation process.

9 November 2018

Draft determination.

November/December 2018

Public consultation on draft determination including any conference if called

19 December 2018

Final determination.


  • AgStewardship Australia Limited

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  • AA1000429-1


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