Under consideration

Mood Media Australia Pty Limited & Stingray Group Inc

On 11 February 2019 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (the ACCC) received a collective bargaining notification from Mood Media Australia Pty (Mood Media) and Stingray Group Inc (Stingray Group) to enable Mood Media and Stingray Group to collectively negotiate the terms and conditions of music license arrangements to be entered into between each of them and APRA AMCOS, including license fees.

Myer Pty Ltd

Myer Pty Ltd (Myer) seeks re-authorisation to invite businesses operating within Myer stores or online stores or sites owned, operated or managed by or on behalf of Myer, including licensees and brand partners (Relevant Businesses), to participate in a variety of promotions including: agreed percentage or dollar amount discounts on a store wide or category wide basis; interest free purchase offers; reward programs and other payment promotions. Participation in the promotions by Relevant Businesses is voluntary. Re-authorisation has been requested for 15 years.

Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association

The Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association Limited (RCSA) has applied for revocation of authorisation A91388 and its substitution with a new authorisation on substantially the same terms for 10 years.

The application relates to RCSA’s Professional Conduct Regime, which includes the RCSA Code of Professional Conduct and other documents including new grievance intervention guidelines.

RCSA seeks:

·        Re-authorisation, for one year, of the current Code for Professional Conduct.

GFG Alliance Australia / Liberty House Group- Steelforce Holdings Pty Ltd


Proposed acquisition of Steelforce Holdings Pty Ltd (Steelforce) by GFG Alliance Australia/Liberty House Group (Liberty).

Liberty and Steelforce manufacture and supply long steel products to distributors in Australia. Liberty and Steelforce are also distributors of long steel products in Australia.


Market inquiries

The ACCC invites comments on Liberty's proposal to acquire Steelforce.

Qantas Airways Ltd - acquisition of 19.9% interest in Alliance Aviation Services Ltd


 Investigation of Qantas' completed acquisition of a 19.9 per cent interest in Alliance Airlines.

Market inquiries

The ACCC is investigating Qantas’ acquisition of a 19.9 per cent stake in Alliance Airlines, to assess whether there has been a breach of section 50 of the Competition and Consumer Act. 

The ACCC invites comments on the acquisition. For more details, please refer to the market inquiries letter found further below.

Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia

The MFAA has lodged an application for revocation and substitution of an existing authorisation concerning their Disciplinary Rules. The MFAA’s membership includes lenders, aggregators, brokers and associated professions such as accountants and lawyers. The Disciplinary Rules outline processes for investigation of complaints, expulsion of members and appeals against refused applications for membership or accreditation. They also include rules for the MFAA Tribunal. The rules have been authorised since 2004. Most recently the rules were reauthorised in 2014.

David Jones Pty Limited

David Jones Pty Limited (David Jones) is seeking re-authorisation to invite current and future suppliers, which operate separate businesses within David Jones stores and/or conduct sales through David Jones' online retail store, to take part in and (with David Jones itself) give effect to David Jones promotions.