11 May 2015

ACCC grants interim authorisation to the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group and others

The ACCC has granted interim authorisation to allow the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group to progress a joint tendering and negotiation process on behalf of certain councils for services relating to the receiving, sorting, compacting, and processing of kerbside collected recyclable material.
30 April 2015

ACCC issues ACCCount for March quarter 2015

ACCCount details the ACCC's activities in the enforcement of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, merger reviews, compliance actions, adjudication issues, economic regulation and international involvement.
24 April 2015

ACCC grants interim authorisation for BP to participate in Velocity Frequent Flyer Program

ACCC has granted interim authorisation to allow BP and participating BP branded fuel retailers to participate in the Velocity Frequent Flyer Program.
21 April 2015

Small business scams & cybercrime forum

Scams and cybercrime such as identity theft impose significant financial, legal and reputational costs on thousands of small businesses each year. The ACCC and IPA are hosting a free forum on small business scams and cybercrime.
13 April 2015

ACCC inquiry into Eastern and Southern Australian wholesale gas prices

On 13 April 2015 the Australian Government directed the ACCC to commence a 12 month inquiry into the competitiveness of wholesale gas prices in Eastern and Southern Australia.
9 April 2015

ACCC grants interim authorisation to Maitland City Council

The ACCC has granted interim authorisation to allow Maitland City Council on behalf of itself, Cessnock City Council, and Singleton Council to continue to manage a joint tendering process for organic waste services involving the collection and processing of organics and potentially the collection, sorting and disposal of bulky waste.
7 April 2015

ACCC re-authorises Bulk Electronic Clearing System suspension & termination regulations

The ACCC has issued a determination re-authorising the suspension and termination provisions of the Australian Payments Clearing Association’s Bulk Electronic Clearing System regulations.
2 April 2015

A 'free' gift could cost you thousands

Before you sign up for a Vocational education and training (VET) course, the ACCC is encouraging you to understand exactly what you are committing to, what it will cost and what the course will deliver.
26 March 2015

ACCC re-authorises collective bargaining by international airlines

The ACCC has decided to grant authorisation for 10 years to the Board of Airline Representatives of Australia Inc to continue to collectively bargain on behalf of its current and future members and to give effect to arrangements for the acquisition of Essential Aviation Services from operators of international airports and other particular service providers. The ACCC grants authorisation until 16 April 2025.

4 March 2015

ACCC grants authorisation to Tasmanian farmers for collective bargaining with vegetable processors

The ACCC grants authorisation to the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association to allow them to continue to collectively negotiate the terms and conditions of growing contracts with vegetable processors in Tasmania.