14 June 2015

Infinity cable recall: act now before it's too late

There is faulty electrical cabling in thousands of Australian homes and businesses. Time is running out before the cables become a fire or electrocution risk. Act now before it’s too late—get your cable checked.
2 April 2015

A 'free' gift could cost you thousands

Before you sign up for a Vocational education and training (VET) course, the ACCC is encouraging you to understand exactly what you are committing to, what it will cost and what the course will deliver.
11 February 2015

ACCC conducting market research

The ACCC has engaged market research company ORC international to conduct research as part of a project to help us understand how well the role of the ACCC is understood, how effective we are and how well we communicate.
19 December 2014

Choosing a new mobile plan this Christmas

If you get a new mobile phone for Christmas you might also decide to sign up to a new mobile plan at the same time. There are lots of different mobile phone plans out there, and finding a plan that suits you can be difficult.
3 December 2014

Excess data use on phones and the internet over the holidays

Over the holidays you and your family may use up your monthly data allowance faster than usual. Depending on your plan this could expose you to excess data charges.
30 September 2014

Celebration: 40 years of making markets work

The ACCC is today celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (TPA). On 1 October 1974, the TPA took effect and the forerunner to the ACCC, the Trade Practices Commission opened its doors for the first time.
27 August 2014

Infinity cables frequently asked questions

Eighteen electrical retailers and wholesalers recalled Infinity electrical cables due to safety concerns on 27 August 2014.Our frequently asked questions provide detailed information about the recalled cables.
20 August 2014

Consumer resources for people with a disability

The ACCC has released an educational package for consumers with disabilities. Including a collection of online resources, a scam alert and educational video, the package is designed to help disability consumers be alert to potential scams and understand and exercise their consumer rights.
14 August 2014

ACCC Shopper App updated

We’ve launched an updated version of our popular Shopper App with a new design and a number of improvements.
11 August 2014

Consumer rights in the frame

Derek Farrell talks about a recent investigation into door-to-door sales and that companies operating in remote areas need to improve their sales practices.