18 December 2014

Improved safety standard for bean bags

The Australian Government has announced a new mandatory safety standard for bean bags, to commence on 1 January 2016.
14 August 2014

ACCC suggestion is far from novel and not anti-competitive

ACCC Commissioners Jill Walker and Roger Featherston provide a response to an AFR opinion piece written by Graeme Samuel and Stephen King on the suggested amendments to section 46.
12 August 2014

ACCC statement on Verve and Synergy re-merger

When the ACCC became aware of the proposed re-merger of Verve and Synergy it wrote to the WA Government expressing concern about the potential impact of the re-merger on competition and therefore on consumers. It is important to note that the WA Government did not seek ACCC clearance for the re-merger and nor did the ACCC provide clearance for the merger to proceed.
6 August 2014

Advertising and selling

When products from very large companies are portrayed as being those of small operators it misleads consumers and undermines the unique selling point that niche businesses depend on. Chairman Rod Sims explains the ACCC’s focus on credence claims.