13 October 2021

Annual review of the ACCC's Compliance and Enforcement Policy

The ACCC has released a survey to seek feedback from consumers, businesses and other stakeholders as part of its annual review of the ACCC’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Priorities.
8 October 2021

ACCC authorises ongoing banking sector cooperation on financial relief programs

The ACCC has issued a final determination granting authorisation to the Australian Banking Association and its member banks to continue to work together on developing financial relief programs for customers suffering hardship in the current COVID-19 pandemic conditions.
7 October 2021

ACCC grants interim authorisation for joint marketing of gas from the Mereenie field

The ACCC has granted conditional interim authorisation to enable participants in the Meerenie joint venture to jointly market natural gas produced from the Meerenie gas field in the Northern Territory.
6 October 2021

ACCC re-authorises Gateway Network Governance Body

The ACCC has released a final determination re-authorising Gateway Network Governance Body Limited (GNGB) to make and give effect to certain clauses of the revised Memorandum of Understanding
30 September 2021

The ACCC proposes to authorise joint procurement of waste collection services

The ACCC has released a draft determination proposing to grant authorisation to enable Surf Coast Shire Council, Golden Plains Shire Council and the Borough of Queenscliffe (the Applicants) to jointly tender and procure waste collection services.
30 September 2021

Medicines Australia arrangements to ensure supply of essential medicines and devices during COVID-19 pandemic to continue

The ACCC has granted conditional interim authorisation to Medicines Australia, providing continued legal protection from competition laws for Medicines Australia and its members
29 September 2021

ACCC authorises film and television directors to collectively negotiate

The ACCC has granted authorisation to enable the Australian Directors' Guild (the ADG) and its members to collectively negotiate model terms of engagement with Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and its members.
29 September 2021

ACCC grants interim authorisation to ensure supply of medical oxygen during COVID-19 pandemic

The ACCC has granted interim authorisation, with conditions, to the Australia New Zealand Industrial Gas Association.
28 September 2021

ACCC to reauthorise coordinated health provider response to COVID

The ACCC proposes to re- the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria (the Various States and Territories) to permit them to continue to coordinate with various health service providers, in order to maximise the effectiveness of their responses to the continued COVID-19 pandemic.
24 September 2021

ACCC exempts ADM's Port Pirie port terminal facility

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has determined that ADM Trading Australia (ADM) is an 'exempt service provider' of port terminal services provided via its port terminal facility at Port Pirie, South Australia.