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e.g. 19 Oct 2017
Title Speech datesort ascending
The ACCC's enforcement approach - new and old 28 Sep 2009
Communications regulation in a changing environment 1 Sep 2009
Promoting efficient and effective water trading across the Murray-Darling Basin 20 Aug 2009
Competition in rural and regional areas - an update from the ACCC 17 Jul 2009
Competition regulation in a changing environment 11 Jun 2009
The conduct of cartel litigation: the ACCC enforcement perspective on serious cartels - some key issues and practical considerations 23 May 2009
National Broadband Network heralds new wave of telecommunications development 21 May 2009
Financial stress and vulnerability: the perfect recipe for scams 21 May 2009
FTTH and the National Broadband Network—opportunity and challenges for competition regulation 19 May 2009
Debt collection, the financial downturn and the ACCC: current issues and challenges 14 May 2009
How business owners should protect themselves against business scams 21 Apr 2009
Making phones fair—Australian telecommunications and poor consumer practice 13 Mar 2009
Consumer protection—new challenges and opportunities 12 Mar 2009
Cartels, consumers and the role of the regulator - proposed changes to the Trade Practices Act 12 Mar 2009
Improving water trading outcomes in the Murray-Darling Basin 20 Feb 2009
The ACCC's perspective on the wagering industry 8 Dec 2008
The Australian broadband industry: a regulator's perspective 3 Dec 2008
Consumers and Small Business: At the very heart of the Trade Practices Act 26 Nov 2008
Outstanding governance practices: staying on top through a vibrant trade practices compliance program 24 Nov 2008
What Professionals should know about the Trade Practices Act 17 Nov 2008