Media releases

e.g. 24 Oct 2017
e.g. 24 Oct 2017
Title Published datesort ascending
Hearing aid sector put on notice 3 Mar 2017
Public warning about Luxstyle 2 Mar 2017
ACCC welcomes reporting of payments to individual healthcare professionals 1 Mar 2017
ACCC names key enforcement and compliance priorities for 2017 24 Feb 2017
ACCC releases Statement of Issues on South32 Ltd's proposed acquisition of Metropolitan Collieries Pty Ltd 23 Feb 2017
Petrol prices were the highest in more than a year in December quarter 22 Feb 2017
Lumo energy pays penalty of $10,800 for representations about retail gas tariff increase 20 Feb 2017
ACCC proposes to deny authorisation for insurance companies to jointly set a cap on sales commissions 17 Feb 2017
ACCC will not oppose PMP-IPMG merger 17 Feb 2017
Don't give your heart to a scammer this Valentine's Day 12 Feb 2017
Confusion about broadband claims prompts ACCC guidance 10 Feb 2017
ACCC will not oppose Ruralco’s proposed acquisition of TP Jones 9 Feb 2017
Wholesale ADSL regulation to continue during transition to NBN 3 Feb 2017
ACCC releases quarterly report on the NBN wholesale market 2 Feb 2017
Micro firms make highest business complaints to ACCC 25 Jan 2017
ACCC hosting forums nationally to hear from dairy farmers 24 Jan 2017
ACCC releases draft access determinations for non-NBN superfast broadband services 9 Jan 2017
Motorists should buy now to avoid petrol price spikes 5 Jan 2017
Valve to pay $3 million in penalties for misrepresenting gamers' consumer guarantee rights 3 Jan 2017
20,000 complaints by shoppers about consumer guarantees 3 Jan 2017