Woolworths to better inform consumers about shop-a-docket discounts and LPG

22 December 2004

Woolworths Ltd will better inform consumers about which Caltex/Woolworths co-branded service stations do not offer the four cents per litre discount on LPG.

This follows Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiries.

"Currently, there are a number of Caltex/Woolworths co-branded service stations across Australia where the discount fuel dockets cannot be redeemed for LPG purchases", ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, said.

"Woolworths previously notified consumers of this via their website at www.woolworths.com.au. Further Caltex told Woolworths that a clear sign is prominently displayed on the LPG dispensers at the Caltex/Woolworths co-branded sites which reads: 'Woolworths fuel discount NOT available on LPG at this time'.

"Consumers expressed concern to the ACCC that there was not adequate disclosure that their local Caltex/Woolworths service station did not offer the discount on LPG.

"The ACCC warned Woolworths that consumers may be misled if they are not informed at the time of purchasing goods from Woolworths supermarkets that their local Caltex/Woolworths service station does not offer a discount on LPG purchases. It was of particular concern to the ACCC in rural and regional areas where there may only be one Caltex/Woolworths service station in the area.

"In response, Woolworths said it would be willing to take further steps to attempt to minimise such customer complaints in the future. This would include a prominent sign at the entrance to its supermarkets indicating the location of the nearest Caltex/Woolworths outlet and if the outlet did not offer the discount on LPG, the sign will clearly and prominently state, 'Discount not available on LPG or Caltex StarCard purchases' ".

"Consumers must be told the full story at the time a representation is made", Mr Samuel said.

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MR 298/04
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