The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has teamed up with Olympian trampolinist Blake Gaudry, Kidsafe and state consumer affairs agencies to help keep kids safe on trampolines. The campaign is being launched today at the South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre in Adelaide to kick off International Product Safety Week.

“With at least eight children per day being injured on trampolines in Australia, we are urging parents and carers to follow our safety checklist so this activity can be enjoyed injury-free,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.

“Trampolines can put children at risk of serious injury, particularly when used inappropriately. Children aged five to nine are at greatest risk of being hurt and injuries include fractures, open wounds, dislocations and head injuries. Unfortunately, there has also been one trampoline-related death of a child in Australia.”

A survey conducted in March by Kidsafe Western Australia on behalf of the ACCC identified a range of unsafe practices that could be putting children at risk, including reports of up to five or more children being on a trampoline at once. Also of concern was that less than a quarter of parents and carers said they always supervise their children on trampolines.

“We need to ensure trampoline safety precautions are followed to minimise the risk of injury. The ACCC, with Kidsafe’s support, is sending the safety checklist to schools and childcare centres and we’ll be encouraging trampoline suppliers to share the safety messages to consumers,” Ms Court said.

The ACCC has released a new video Trampoline safety – It’s flippin’ important featuring Blake Gaudry, which can be watched on the ACCC Product Safety YouTube channel.

“When I’m in the air I need to have complete confidence that my surroundings are safe when I land. Parents need to have that same level of confidence when their children are bouncing on trampolines in the backyard,” Mr Gaudry said.

Media event

Tuesday 8 October at 10.30 am
South Australian Aquatic and Leisure Centre, 443 Morphett Road, Oaklands Park
ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court, Blake Gaudry and Kidsafe available for interview

Safety tips

  • One at a time: Ensure only one child at a time uses the trampoline.
  • Supervise: Supervise children at all times, regardless of age. It is recommended that children under six should not use trampolines but if they do, take extra care with younger children as they are more prone to serious injury on trampolines.
  • Safety padding: Use safety padding on the frame to avoid injuries if a child accidentally hits the frame.
  • Check condition of mats and net: Regularly check that the trampoline is in good condition and ensure that the mat and net don’t have holes, springs are intact and securely attached at both ends, frame is not bent and leg braces are securely locked.
  • Hazard free surrounds: Ensure that the area around the trampoline is free from hazards like walls, fences, play equipment or garden furniture. Also make sure there is an overhead clearance to avoid objects like clothes lines, trees and wires.

For further information, visit the trampoline safety page on the Product Safety Australia website.