Spencers to undertake regular testing of Oregano

19 December 2016

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has accepted a court enforceable undertaking from Anchor Foods Pty Ltd trading as Spencers Gourmet Trading (Spencers), following an investigation into alleged misrepresentations made as to the composition of Spencers’ ‘oregano’ product.

During 2015, Spencers made representations on the front and back of the packaging of its oregano product that the product contained only oregano. These statements included the text ‘Oregano’ on the front of the package.

Test results provided to the ACCC indicated the substantial presence of olive leaves in the Spencers’ ‘oregano’ product.

In an enforceable undertaking given to the ACCC, Spencers has undertaken to obtain annual testing of its oregano product by an internationally accredited testing laboratory, as well as testing of random samples of its other herbs and spices products for a period of three years.

“Suppliers must ensure that they have a basis for any representations made about a product, including on its label or other packaging” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.

“It is crucial for consumers that labelling on food products, particularly about ingredients or composition, is accurate and truthful so they can make informed purchasing decisions.”

The ACCC is continuing its investigation in relation to other products labelled as ‘oregano’.

The undertaking is available at: Anchor Foods Pty Ltd trading as Spencers Gourmet Trading

Spencers Oregano
Spencers Oregano


The ACCC initiated an investigation into a number of products labelled as ‘Oregano’ following a complaint from the consumer advocate group, Choice, which included tests reports suggesting the products were not 100% oregano.

9 November 2016 ACCC acts on Oregano misrepresentations

Spencers Oregano

Spencers is a distributor of oregano in Australia and supplies to major retailers in Western Australia. Its oregano sales volume in 2015 was 100,000 units.

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MR 247/16
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