One of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's most popular booklets, Refunds, has been re-issued.

"Refunds rights are often a source of confusion for consumers and business, and this free plain-English booklet should help clear up misunderstandings," ACCC Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, said today.

"The booklet gives practical examples of where and when a refund is due - and when it isn't," he said. "It covers a wide areas - sales in shops, transactions with service people and in the auction room.

"This booklet will be useful for any business to understand its responsibilities under the Trade Practices Act. Through sheer ignorance, many businesses breach the Act by including a no-refund provision on their sales dockets - or having a no-refunds sign in their shop.

"The ACCC regularly conducts sweeps through shopping centres checking for incorrect information - not to harass business, but to ensure a fair deal for all.

"At its simplest, consumers are entitled to refunds, or to have goods purchased repaired or exchanged if the goods:

  • have a fault a consumer could not have known about when the item was purchased;
  • do not do the job a consumer was led to believe the item would do;
  • does not match the description;
  • or does not match samples shown."

Copies of the booklet are available from all ACCC offices in all capital cities, and in Townsville and Tamworth.