Product safety warning for pool toys

19 December 2002

Families have been warned to carefully check pool toys (known as ‘noodles’) for indelible safety warnings after an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission survey has led to one brand's withdrawal from sale.

"Recent surveys of children’s toys by the ACCC in the lead up to Christmas has resulted in toy manufacturer Thermotec Australia Pty Ltd, Toys ‘R’ Us and other retailers agreeing to withdraw from sale products with inadequate safety warnings", ACCC Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, said today.

"The action to withdraw the products from sale followed concerns raised by the ACCC with Thermotec Australia that the labelling of some of its products failed to meet mandatory product safety standards. Products on display in retail outlets were found to have labelling that had been partially erased and were unlikely to meet the indelibility and legibility requirements of the safety standard.

"Under the Trade Practices Act 1974 it is an offence to sell products that fail to meet a prescribed mandatory standard", Professor Fels said. "Both manufacturers and retailers have an obligation under the legislation to ensure that the standards are being met and risk substantial fines if they fail to comply".

The required labelling warns that these pool toys are to be used only under competent supervision.

"The standard's requirements for warnings are a constant reminder to parents of the need to ensure children are always supervised in and around water", Professor Fels said.

Both Thermotec Australia and Toys ‘R’ Us have withdrawn the offending items from sale. Toys ‘R’ Us has placed advertisements in newspapers offering refunds to consumers who wish to return the toys and Thermotec will also place similar notices before Christmas.

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MR 329/02
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