A Small Business Advisory Group to promote consultation on trade practices issues between the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and small businesses across Australia holds its inaugural meeting in Canberra tomorrow (19/11/96).

"The Small Business Advisory Group represents a strategic part of the Commission's small business program," ACCC Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, said today. "It will have the key objectives of bringing the ACCC's attention to particular trade practices issues affecting small business and will allow the ACCC to inform the small business community about ACCC activities.

"The creation of this special advisory group is very timely given the extension of the Trade Practices Act to all Australian small businesses from 21 July and the high priority of the Federal Government to promoting small businesses," he said. "The following organisations are being invited to take part in the Advisory Group which will no doubt itself consult with other small business councils:

Motor Trades Association of Australia Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law Council of Australia The Australian Council of Professions Metal Trades Industry of Australia Real Estate Institute of Australia Australian Retailers Association National Farmers Federation Australian Federation of Business and Professional Women

"I will chair the first meeting of the advisory group tomorrow, after which Commissioner Sitesh Bhojani will chair the group for its twice yearly meeting.

"The ACCC clearly has a dual role in the area of small business. Firstly, to ensure compliance with the Trade Practices Act, to promote an efficient and competitive marketplace, and also to help protect small businesses when they are the victims of restrictive trade practices such as collusive agreements or misuse of market power by their suppliers. Other forms of protection include taking action on scams against small business."

Professor Fels also said he was pleased to announce that the ACCC's Small Business Program will be coordinated throughout Australia by the new Director of Small Business, Mr Ziv Gavrilovich.