The possible impact of the extension of the Trade Practices Act to local government is the subject of the latest guide issued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

"Some councils have viewed the reform of competition policy, and the extension of the Act, to local councils nervously," ACCC Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, said today. "They have worried about the loss of exemptions currently enjoyed by local government.

"However, the Act is a positive force for local government - it can be made to work for the sector to protect it from anti-competitive conduct in the markets in which it operates.

"States and Territory governments are putting legislation before their own Parliaments to implement competition policy reform. It is expected to be completed by July 1996.

"The ACCC consulted with the Australian Local Government Association in the preparation of this guide and the ALGA is organising the progressive distribution of the guide directly to councils.

"The guide, Local Government and the Trade Practices Act, discusses the possible impact on local government of the reforms, written in a plain-language style.

"The guide, which is free, is also available from all ACCC offices in every capital and Townsville and Tamworth."