Feedback sought on NBN pricing, service proposals

20 August 2020

The ACCC is seeking feedback on a proposal from NBN Co that aims to address concerns about service standards for wholesale NBN products and the pricing of entry-level NBN services.

Two ACCC inquiries examining these issues were paused in April 2020 to allow the telco sector to focus on its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ACCC has now recommenced these inquiries.

Following extensive discussions with the ACCC,  NBN Co has proposed measures including cheaper wholesale pricing for entry-level products to ensure an affordable product is available for consumers transitioning to the NBN, more certainty about NBN Co’s pricing and products, and stronger commitments about service standards, including rebates.

These commitments are aimed at improving performance in appointment keeping, fault rectification, pricing certainty, connections, and service speeds.

If the ACCC finds these measures reasonable, they would be included in NBN Co’s next Wholesale Broadband Agreement with retail service providers, which is scheduled to commence in December 2020 and apply for two years.

“These inquiries were launched in response to concerns that NBN access terms were limiting competition and efficiency and risked making NBN products unaffordable for some consumers,” ACCC Chair Rod Sims said.

“We are now seeking feedback on NBN Co’s proposed access arrangements with respect to each inquiry. Our current view is that NBN Co’s proposals are reasonable but we want to hear from others.”

The ACCC may approve NBN Co’s proposal, or propose a revised package of measures. Such measures could still be included in the new wholesale agreement, if NBN Co agrees, or may be set by regulation.

Parties are encouraged to raise any concerns as early as possible. The latest date for submissions is 11 September 2020. Further information is available at Inquiry into NBN access pricing and NBN Wholesale Service Standards Inquiry.


The ACCC has powers under Part XIC of the Competition and Consumer Act (2010) to make regulated terms and conditions of access to NBN services to promote the long-term interests of end users. NBN services are declared services.

The inquiries are being conducted under Part 25 of the Telecommunications Act 1997.

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