Don't use a dangerous gas cooker this Easter

1 April 2015

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is warning consumers that six models of ‘lunchbox’ gas cookers have defective over-pressure valves  that pose a risk of explosion and injury.

“Portable gas cookers are popular camping items, which many families may be using during upcoming Easter trips. Before you pack, check whether your model is affected. If so, do not use it under any circumstances. If consumers are unsure whether their lunchbox gas cooker is affected, we recommend not using your cooker for now." ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard said.

Cookers known to be affected are listed on the Product Safety website.

“Lunchbox gas cookers have the gas canister in the stove, which can get very hot if covered with a large cooking pot. An overpressure valve should stop the flow of gas when the canister has overheated. In the defective models the valve can fail to operate, which could lead to an explosion,” Ms Rickard said.

Image shwoing three of the gas cookers

“State and Territory gas regulators are negotiating recalls on faulty cookers, in consultation with the ACCC. The first of these recalls will be announced this week. If you own a product that is recalled you can obtain a refund from where you bought it,” Ms Rickard said.

Consumers can check to see if their cooker has been recalled by visiting, which will have advice on what they should do.

Details of the first recall are available at

State gas regulators stopped the sale of affected cookers in recent weeks after finding products did not meet the gas appliance standard. These models have had their certificates of conformance withdrawn, meaning they cannot be sold.

For more information on the affected products, consumers can contact the gas appliance regulator in their state.

Consumers can subscribe to recalls updates via and ACCC Recalls Australia iPhone and Android apps.

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