Breast Check to pay $75,000 for false representations

3 October 2014

The Federal Court has today ordered Breast Check Pty Ltd (now called PO Health Professionals Pty Ltd) (Breast Check) to pay a penalty of $75,000 for making false or misleading representations about its breast imaging services in contravention of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL).

The former director of Breast Check, Dr Alexandra Boyd, was ordered to pay penalties of $25,000 for being knowingly concerned or involved in Breast Check’s contraventions.

Breast Check had represented that breast imaging using a thermography device alone, or in conjunction with a Multifrequency Electrical Impedance Mammograph (known as a MEM device), could provide an adequate scientific basis for assessing whether a consumer was at risk from breast cancer and the level of that risk, and assuring the consumer that they did not have breast cancer.  In March this year, the Court found that these representations were false, misleading and deceptive.

The Court also found that Breast Check had represented that there was an adequate scientific basis for using the devices as a substitute for mammography, when that was not the case.  The Court held that this representation was also false, misleading and deceptive.

“It was particularly concerning to the ACCC that Breast Check made such significant health related claims without a proper scientific basis,” ACCC Commissioner Sarah Court said.

“If consumers relied on Breast Check’s representations instead of using conventional breast cancer investigation methods including mammography, then potentially breast cancers could have gone undiagnosed.”

“Consumers are entitled to expect that breast imaging services would be provided in a way that is consistent with credible scientific knowledge,” Ms Court said.

In his judgment today Justice Barker stated “The key issue is the potential to divert customers from using a medically recognised form of breast imaging and the harm or potential harm caused by that. Thus, I accept that even if only one consumer has been so diverted to their detriment, the consequences to a person’s health may be very serious and at worst fatal. That is not something that can be measured solely in monetary terms and it is of no assistance to say the conduct was only directed to a small number of individuals.”

Breast Check, now called PO Health Professionals Pty Ltd, no longer provides breast imaging services.

Last week the Court ordered another breast imaging provider, Safe Breast Imaging Pty Ltd, to pay penalties of $200,000 for similar contraventions of the ACL.

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