Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Chairman, Mr Peter Kell, today urged parents and carers to be alert about the dangers associated with blind and curtain cords.

"In the light of the tragic occurrence last year in which a 13 months old Adelaide boy was found hanging from a blind cord close to his cot, the ACCC considers it extremely important to alert the public to the hazard posed by the loop created by blind and curtain cords," Mr Kell said.

"Babies and young children can place their heads in the loop, and if they fall or try to sit down can accidentally cause devastating injury, sometimes fatal.

"A key message is that, wherever possible, cords should be shortened, kept out of reach of children and wound around a cleat," he said. "Cots, beds, chairs and high chairs should be kept well clear of corded blinds and curtains."

"Since 1991, more than 170 children have died from injuries associated with curtain and blind cords in the United States and 12 Australian children have also been accidentally strangled. Ten of these children died before 2004 and as a result a safety campaign was instigated."

In light of the recent incident, the ACCC will work closely with the States and Territories to develop national initiatives to further improve curtain and blind cord safety awareness.

For further information, there is an ACCC brochure Safety Alert! Blind & Curtain Cords which is available from the ACCC website.