A national drink manufacturer will no longer claim its product is Australian-made following Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) action.

Undertakings have been offered by the Sunraysia Natural Beverage Company after an ACCC investigation into the country of origin of its Cranberry Drink. The bottles carried the labels 'Australian Made' and 'Product of Australia' even though a key ingredient of the drink was imported.

The Sunraysia Natural Beverage Company agreed to amend its labels when the ACCC advised its view that the use of American cranberry concentrate meant that the 'Australian made' claims would mislead consumers.

"The ACCC was also concerned that the company had not disclosed the full details of their product to the Advance Australia Foundation which administers the Australian Made logo," Professor Fels, said.

"The ACCC regards misrepresentation about the country of origin of goods as an important matter.

"Australian content is a significant influence on the purchasing decisions of many consumers who are willing to pay a premium for Australian made products."

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