ACCC releases second self-assessment against the regulator performance framework

7 November 2017

The ACCC has released its second self‑assessment report, which measures the agency against the Australian Government’s Regulator Performance Framework across 2016-17.

The framework requires Commonwealth regulators to assess their own performance against six key performance indicators. The framework and indicators focus on a regulator’s actions in relation to the businesses that are subject to its regulatory processes.

“The ACCC established a solid baseline with its first self‑assessment last year, which has allowed us to effectively measure and compare our performance for the past financial year,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

“The report highlights areas for continued improvement, such as clearer guidance for businesses on our processes for regulatory actions and investigations.”

“One of our key challenges is communicating the limits of our role. Consumers and small businesses often want us to take action where we can’t, and we need to continue to work on educating them about our role,” Mr Sims said.

A key element of the ACCC’s self-assessment was obtaining the views of business stakeholders through an online survey. The survey was conducted independently by market research firm ORC International in May 2017.

Over 400 businesses, or their legal representatives, provided feedback on what the ACCC is doing well and what we can improve.

“Most of our business stakeholders, across the various functions of the ACCC, have a positive view of our performance, and these perceptions have largely improved since last financial year,” Mr Sims said.

“We received many constructive and practical suggestions from stakeholders, which will help us improve our performance as a regulator and reduce any unnecessary burden on businesses.”

The ACCC Performance Consultative Committee met with the ACCC in October 2017 to provide feedback on the provisional self-assessment results. The ACCC was grateful for the excellent feedback offered by the committee members, which has enhanced the report.

The ACCC’s self-assessment report is available at:
ACCC Regulator Performance Framework self-assessment report 2016-17

The ORC International’s report on the business stakeholder survey is available at:
ACCC business stakeholder survey report 2017

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MR 198/17
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