The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has instituted two criminal proceedings in the Federal Court against MNB Variety Imports Pty Ltd, formerly known as MNB Electronics Pty Ltd. MNB is an importer and wholesale supplier of electronic, general and novelty goods.

In the first proceedings, the ACCC has alleged that MNB had supplied children's' swimming aids (inflatable arm bands) styled 'Sun & Fun Inflatable Swim Aids, to Dollars & Sense, that did not comply with the mandatory consumer product safety standard for flotation toys and swimming aids for children. The ACCC has alleged that the swim aids and their associated packaging were not marked with the necessary markings as required by the standard.

"The warnings required by the standard are highly specific so that parents can understand that children using these products in the water should be supervised at all times," ACCC Chairman, Professor Allan Fels, said today.

In the second proceedings, the ACCC alleged that MNB had supplied sunglasses styled 'Sundance, to Go-Lo, which did not comply with the mandatory consumer product safety standard for sunglasses and fashion spectacles. It is alleged that this style of sunglass failed to comply with the standard in that the lenses were too narrow allowing ultra violet light penetration from the sides, the lenses were not uniform, the lenses had refractive problems which may have caused discomfort to the wearer by blurring their vision, and the sunglasses were incorrectly labelled.

Both matters are listed for directions in Sydney on 6 February 1997.