ACCC inspects safety of showbags at Darwin Show

22 July 2015

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has inspected more than 90 showbags ahead of the Royal Darwin Show to ensure products included in the bags meet mandatory safety requirements.

ACCC Northern Territory Regional Director Derek Farrell said only one product, the Ninja Super Weapon set, was identified as not providing the correct warning label for projectile toys.

“The supplier of the toy has committed to ensuring the label is attached to the product before being supplied at the show,” Mr Farrell said.

Image 1: Ninja Super Weapon set

Under the Australian Consumer Law, toys with projectiles need to be accompanied by instructions for use which draw attention to the hazard of aiming at eyes or face and of using other projectiles other than those supplied or recommended by the manufacturer.

Mr Farrell said showbags can be lots of fun, but that fun can disappear very quickly if toys and other products are not safe.

“Surveillance over the past few years has resulted in detection of a number of non-compliant products which have had to be removed from showbags," Mr Farrell said.

"A showbag inspection doesn’t certify that the bags are safe, but it does involve a good check against the mandatory standards and product bans enforced by the ACCC. This includes checking for small parts, the correct safety warning labels and more.”

The ACCC conducted showbag inspections on Tuesday and Wednesday before the show opened and will also be conducting spot checks at the show on Thursday.

“The ACCC will be talking with showbag suppliers to make sure they understand and comply with mandatory safety requirements,” Mr Farrell said.

“If any other unsafe toy is identified, the ACCC will work with suppliers to ensure that the toy is removed from showbags.”

Mr Farrell said the ACCC sees consumer product safety as a priority.

“We take this responsibility seriously. As well as checking for unsafe products, inspecting showbags reminds everyone about the product safety work of the ACCC and other consumer protection agencies,” Mr Farrell said.

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