ACCC finds banned toy dart gun in Darwin

21 December 2005

A banned children's toy dart gun has been discovered and withdrawn from Darwin shops during one of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's regular product safety surveys*.

"The Super Hero Dart Gun was found in several suburban supermarkets around Darwin", ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel said. "It is banned because the suction-tipped darts were too short, thereby posing a choking hazard to small children.

"ACCC staff contacted the local distributor who cooperated in contacting the supermarkets and recalling the dart gun. The ACCC is confident that all products have either been recalled or accounted for and no longer pose a risk.

"This is a timely reminder for parents to be vigilant in ensuring the safety of all toys purchased in the rush to Christmas.

"The ACCC has produced Safe Toys for Kids to assist parents when assessing what toys to buy for their children. The booklet is available from all ACCC offices and the website.

"All suppliers both retail and wholesale have a responsibility to the community. They should have compliance programs in place to ensure that they are aware of the mandatory product safety standards and banned products, in particular in relation to toys and other products for children and babies".

There is a permanent ban stopping the sale of the children's dart gun sets, with or without a target consisting of a firing gun with suction tipped darts of a size that fit entirely into the small parts test cylinder. The darts with the suction tips, in particular can lodge in the throat of small children and cause them to choke.

*The ACCC regularly conducts national surveys for banned products or for products which do not comply with mandatory Australian Safety Standards and Bans


  • Safe toys for kids (link removed as item has been retired)
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