The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has advised QANTAS that it expects it to go further in responding to consumers affected by the recent grounding of the fleet.


The ACCC has been in contact with QANTAS since Sunday asking a number of questions as to how it will treat affected passengers. QANTAS has offered consumers refunds, the opportunity to rebook flights, and compensation for expenses incurred by certain travellers for flights until midnight Wednesday 2 November.  The airline has also indicated it will deal with all claims made outside the offer on a case by case basis.


While QANTAS’s current position addresses some of the ACCC’s concerns, it does not go far enough.


“These circumstances are extraordinary and there have been a huge number of passengers significantly affected.


“It is squarely in the airline’s camp to make good. If you have incurred additional expenses as a result of the grounding the ACCC is of the view that QANTAS should compensate you for all your reasonable losses,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said.


The ACCC has been in consultation with the state and territory fair trading agencies, which have consistent expectations.


“If you have losses over and above what has been offered by QANTAS, you can contact your state or territory fair trading agency for further information on your rights”, Mr Sims said.


The ACCC has asked QANTAS for a report on claims made and redress provided in the next month.


The ACCC continues to make further enquiries of QANTAS, in particular concerning the circumstances surrounding the offering of tickets and acceptance of payments following the decision to ground the fleet.