ACCC approves Telstra's measures developed under the migration plan

26 September 2013

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has approved three Telstra measures that will support the migration of customers onto the National Broadband Network (NBN) in regions where NBN Co has rolled out its fibre to the premises network.

These measures relate to the disconnection of services (from copper or HFC networks) that have not migrated to the NBN within the applicable switchover period, and the building of copper lines in NBN regions to supply services that cannot yet be provided over the NBN.

“The ACCC has approved the measures as they provide appropriate protections to consumers and competition during migration to the NBN, and represent significant improvements on Telstra’s initial proposals,” ACCC Commissioner Cristina Cifuentes.

The measures now form part of Telstra’s migration plan and the ACCC will oversee Telstra’s compliance with the measures and the migration plan more broadly. The measures will be relevant to those areas where NBN Co continues to roll out fibre to the premises. Other migration measures will potentially be required in relation to the NBN fibre to the node network.

The ACCC is continuing to assess further measures that Telstra has proposed to support the migration of customers onto the NBN. Telstra has resubmitted a measure relating to the ‘pull through’ connection process that will be used by NBN Co in limited circumstances to connect premises to the NBN. The ACCC is now considering submissions from industry on this measure.

Additionally, Telstra is revising a measure for the protection of information that NBN Co provides to Telstra under the migration arrangements so that Telstra cannot use it to gain an unfair commercial advantage over its wholesale customers.

A decision paper setting out the ACCC’s reasons for its decision is available at Telstra's migration plan required measures

Release number: 
MR 218/13
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