ACCC allows transferability of GrainCorp's port capacity

28 March 2013

 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will not object to GrainCorp Operations Limited’s proposal to allow its East Coast bulk grain port customers to transfer booked capacity to other customers.

“The ACCC welcomes GrainCorp’s introduction of transferability. This change will result in a more efficient use of port terminal capacity by reducing the chance that capacity will go unused at peak times,” ACCC Commissioner Joe Dimasi said.

The ‘transferability’ of capacity is already allowed at the bulk grain ports operated by CBH in Western Australia and Viterra in South Australia. The ACCC considers that transferability helps reallocate capacity to its most economically efficient use.

GrainCorp’s revised Port Terminal Service Protocols, which will introduce transferability and other changes, will come into effect on 23 April 2013. The revised protocols are available on GrainCorp’s website.

The ACCC oversees port access arrangements for wheat exporters as part of the deregulation of the bulk wheat export industry. Access Undertakings allow for third party exporters to access ports operated by companies with vertically integrated wheat marketing divisions, ensuring competition in the market for the export of bulk wheat.

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