The transportation table shows:

  • the lowest and highest prices paid by shippers under gas transportation agreements for firm forward haul services as of July 2023 on key east coast pipelines
  • the standing prices for these services published by pipeline operators
  • the changes in these prices between July 2022 and July 2023.

The invoiced and standing prices for a particular pipeline are not directly comparable to the invoiced and standing prices of another pipeline due to material differences in their characteristics, such as length, size, construction cost, age and the extent of recovery of invested capital.

The prices paid by shippers under gas transportation agreements.
Pipeline Route Price (as at July 2023) ($/GJ) Price change between July 2022 and July 2023 (%)
    Min Max Standing price Min Max Standing price
AGP Amadeus Basin to Darwin 0.459 0.795 0.362 10.14% 6.03% 5.51%
CGP Ballera to Mt Isa (bi-directional) 1.357 1.419 1.408 5.26% 6.02% 5.15%
RBP Eastern haul (to Brisbane) 0.637 1.060 0.637 42.25% 5.68% 1.81%
  >Western haul (to Wallumbilla) 0.675 0.762 0.637 6.03% 6.03% 1.81%
SWQP Western haul (to Moomba) 1.102 1.541 1.523 6.67% 4.90% 5.15%
  Eastern haul (to Wallumbilla) 1.037 1.477 1.645 7.03% 7.27% 5.15%
MSP Culcairn to Sydney 0.471 0.488 0.483 6.77% 6.03% 5.17%
  Moomba to Sydney 0.775 1.366 1.292 -4.11% 6.59% 5.16%
MAPS Southern haul (to Adelaide) 0.743 0.992 0.904 6.89% 7.27% 7.27%
NGP Tennant Creek to Mt Isa~ 2.288 2.380 2.601 7.62% 7.83% 7.83%
QGP Northern haul (to Gladstone) 0.710 1.488 1.157 0.00% 7.27% 7.27%
EGP Longford to Sydney 1.069 1.486 1.486 6.12% 3.32% 7.83%
PCA Port Campbell to Adelaide^ 0.628 1.102 0.949 5.09% 33.16% 0.00%
TGP Longford to Hobart 1.538 3.094 2.751 6.50% 7.83% 7.83%


* Low and high prices are determined using July 2023 invoices issued by pipeline operators to shippers and collected by the ACCC under the Gas Inquiry 2017-2030. Invoiced prices exclude GST and are calculated assuming a 100 per cent load factor. Actual prices in gas transportation agreements may vary due to differences in key contractual terms, including load factor, capacity commitments, contract length and the time at which the prices were agreed or reviewed. They may also vary if the gas transportation agreement provides for services across a number of pipelines.

# The term ‘standing prices’ is used to jointly refer to: the standing prices that pipelines subject to Part 23 of the National Gas Rules are required to publish; the prices that pipelines subject to light regulation are required to publish for light regulation services; and the reference tariffs that pipelines subject to full regulation are required to publish.

^ The standing price for SEAGas is only for firm forward haul services on the Port Campbell to Adelaide pipeline and does not include receipt and delivery point charges. The invoiced prices, on the other hand, include receipt and delivery point charges and charges for use of the Port Campbell to Iona pipeline.

~ The standing price for NGP is based on the published tariff appearing on Jemena’s website for a contract term of 10 years and includes the cost of the mandatory nitrogen removal service.

The  Pipeline map - East Coast gas market ( PDF 279.6 KB ) shows the key transmission pipelines in the east coast gas market, including pipeline operators and whether pipelines are capable of bi-directional flow. It also shows pipeline interconnection points and gas storage facilities.

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