LNG netback price series17 Jul 2024

The ACCC publishes the LNG netback price series to improve transparency of gas prices in the east coast gas market. 

An LNG netback price is a measure of an export parity price that a gas supplier can expect to receive for exporting its gas. It is calculated by taking the price that could be received for LNG and subtracting or ‘netting back’ the costs incurred by the supplier to convert the gas to LNG and ship it to the destination port.

LNG netback prices based on Asian LNG spot prices and oil-linked LNG contract prices currently play an important role in influencing gas prices in the east coast gas market.

An LNG netback price is not the sole factor that influences domestic prices in the east coast gas market. Individual prices paid by gas users can also reflect other factors that may be relevant to their circumstances, including the terms and conditions of their gas supply and any applicable transportation or retailer charges.

The LNG netback price series comprises:

  • historical LNG netback prices at the Wallumbilla Gas Supply Hub, dating back to January 2016, based on a measure of historical Asian LNG spot prices
  • forward short-term LNG netback prices at Wallumbilla, over a 2-year period, based on market expectations of future Asian LNG spot prices
  • forward medium-term LNG netback prices at Wallumbilla, over a 5-year period, based on estimates of oil-linked prices under medium-term LNG contracts for delivery to Asia.

Historical and forward medium-term LNG netback prices will be updated on this page once a month, and forward short-term LNG netback prices will be updated twice a month.

The prices shown are for information only and do not represent the ACCC:

  • setting a level of gas prices in the east coast gas market or any other market in Australia
  • forecasting international or domestic gas prices
  • forecasting any of the inputs used in the calculation of the LNG netback prices, or
  • providing an endorsement of the price reporting agencies or the specific methods adopted by those agencies.

LNG netback price chart

Chart 1 displays historical and forward short-term LNG netback prices. Annual simple average forward prices are displayed only for each complete calendar year.

Last updated on 17 July 2024. Next update on 1 August 2024.

Chart 1: Historical and forward short-term LNG netback prices
Cargo delivery month / futures contract month Historical netback prices Forward prices at 15 July 2024
January 2016 8.58  
February 2016 7.97  
March 2016 6.50  
April 2016 5.04  
May 2016 4.59  
June 2016 4.85  
July 2016 5.57  
August 2016 5.94  
September 2016 6.49  
October 2016 5.95  
November 2016 6.52  
December 2016 7.69  
January 2017 9.00  
February 2017 11.15  
March 2017 8.56  
April 2017 6.69  
May 2017 6.02  
June 2017 6.38  
July 2017 6.15  
August 2017 5.95  
September 2017 6.16  
October 2017 6.67  
November 2017 8.94  
December 2017 10.10  
January 2018 11.08  
February 2018 12.13  
March 2018 11.05  
April 2018 9.02  
May 2018 7.83  
June 2018 8.90  
July 2018 10.81  
August 2018 11.76  
September 2018 11.07  
October 2018 13.21  
November 2018 12.50  
December 2018 11.20  
January 2019 9.77  
February 2019 9.90  
March 2019 9.12  
April 2019 6.89  
May 2019 5.46  
June 2019 6.38  
July 2019 6.11  
August 2019 5.10  
September 2019 4.78  
October 2019 5.19  
November 2019 6.72  
December 2019 6.53  
January 2020 6.29  
February 2020 5.86  
March 2020 3.85  
April 2020 3.73  
May 2020 3.50  
June 2020 2.44  
July 2020 2.29  
August 2020 2.36  
September 2020 3.14  
October 2020 4.71  
November 2020 5.71  
December 2020 7.61  
January 2021 8.73  
February 2021 19.62  
March 2021 8.56  
April 2021 6.44  
May 2021 7.64  
June 2021 9.69  
July 2021 11.74  
August 2021 14.38  
September 2021 14.85  
October 2021 22.18  
November 2021 39.35  
December 2021 35.53  
January 2022 41.24  
February 2022 39.11  
March 2022 30.06  
April 2022 44.57  
May 2022


June 2022 27.96  
July 2022 27.91  
August 2022 48.91  
September 2022 56.26  
October 2022 66.99  
November 2022 44.32  
December 2022 33.74  
January 2023 41.11  
February 2023 33.42  
March 2023 21.60  
April 2023 17.50  
May 2023


June 2023 13.77  
July 2023 12.08  
August 2023 14.71  
September 2023 13.93  
October 2023 16.63  
November 2023 17.99  
December 2023 21.91  
January 2024 18.97  
February 2024 13.76  
March 2024 12.01  
April 2024 10.94  
May 2024 12.56  
June 2024 13.62  
July 2024 15.56  
August 2024   15.58
September 2024   15.00

October 2024


November 2024

December 2024   16.68
January 2025   17.43
February 2025   17.29
March 2025   16.23
April 2025   15.47
May 2025   15.38
June 2025   15.36
July 2025   15.42
August 2025   15.62
September 2025   15.84
October 2025   15.95
November 2025   16.31
December 2025   17.01
January 2026   17.40
February 2026   17.30
March 2026   15.87
April 2026   14.22
May 2026   13.54
June 2026   13.45
July 2026   13.51
2024 Average   14.63
2025 Average   16.11

Chart 2 displays forward medium-term LNG netback prices.

Chart 2: Forward medium-term LNG netback prices
Date of quote Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
28 June 2024 14.50 13.60 12.24 11.94 11.75

Note: The ACCC has published the LNG netback price series and accompanying information to provide general information only. It should not be regarded as financial or other professional advice. The series, prices and accompanying information are subject to the limitations as stated on this web page and in the ACCC’s Guide to the LNG netback price series.

Users of the LNG netback price series or the accompanying information should consider whether the method, inputs and assumptions used by the ACCC are appropriate for their circumstances. Users should also seek professional advice appropriate to their circumstances.

The ACCC shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any person’s reliance on or use of this series or any part of the series or the accompanying information.


  • Historical LNG and freight prices: S&P Global Platts (Platts data © 2018 by S&P Global Platts, a division of S&P Global Inc. All rights reserved)

  • LNG futures prices: Intercontinental Exchange

  • Brent Crude oil futures prices: Intercontinental Exchange (via Bloomberg)

  • LNG oil slope estimates: GaffneyCline

  • Forward LNG freight prices: Argus Media Ltd and FTI Consulting

Additional information

The ACCC has published a guide that outlines the ACCC’s method for calculating the prices in the series and how the series can be used in practice.

Guide to the LNG netback price series - September 2022 ( PDF 573.54 KB )

The ACCC also publishes a spreadsheet (updated with each update to the price series) that shows the prices underlying the price series, including a step-by-step calculation of forward LNG netback prices.

LNG netback price series - Public version - 16 July 2024 ( XLSX 548.29 KB )

The ACCC has published a report, commissioned by the ACCC from Core Energy, which includes estimates of gas production costs for proved and probable reserves in the east coast gas market (including reserves not currently in production) as at 31 December 2017.

Core Energy report for ACCC - November 2018 ( PDF 6.31 MB )

The ACCC publishes transportation prices, which can be used in conjunction with the LNG netback price series to estimate an indicative reference price of gas in locations other than Wallumbilla.

See: Transportation prices


The ACCC welcomes feedback on the LNG netback price series and the accompanying guide. Comments can be made in writing to gas.inquiry@accc.gov.au



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Argus Media Ltd is the source of the confidential proprietary LNG forward freight cost estimates which the ACCC has republished on this web page. The ACCC obtains this data from Argus under licence. Argus makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy, adequacy, timeliness, or completeness of its data or the ACCC’s presentation of that data, or its fitness for any particular purpose. Argus shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any party’s reliance on Argus’ data, and disclaims any and all liability related to or arising out of use of the data to the full extent permissible by law.