Submissions to issues paper9 Apr 2018

On 24 October 2017, the ACCC released an issues paper seeking feedback on costs, premiums and profits, competition, consumer experiences, risk mitigation and regulation in the insurance sector. Submissions to the issues paper closed on 19 January 2018.

We also published a short version of the issues paper focusing on consumer issues. The questions were the same as in Chapter 3 of the full issues paper.

Individuals could respond with written comments or via an online questionnaire on the Consultation Hub.

Submission conditions


Broadly speaking, the inquiry is a public process and written feedback will be published on the ACCC website.

The ACCC can accept a claim of confidentiality from the party if the disclosure of information would damage their competitive position. Further information is contained in our issues paper.

We have removed individuals' contact details from their submissions. We also offered each individual choice to opt out of having their name published.


Many individuals provided their comments through the ACCC's online Consultation Hub. As part of that form, we asked individuals to tell us about their living situation (including their location and type of insurance/s) so that we could better understand their response. We advised we would treat this as background and not publish this information. It has been removed from the submissions published below. We also asked for this information in question 18 of the short issues paper for consumers, and these responses have also been removed.