Childcare inquiry

Project overview


On 28 October, the Treasurer directed the ACCC to conduct an inquiry into the market for the supply of childcare services. The inquiry is to commence by 1 January 2023 and provide:

  • An interim report by no later than 30 June 2023
  • A final report by 31 December 2023.

Scope of inquiry

The inquiry will examine and consider matters including:

  • Costs and availability of labour
  • The use of land and related costs
  • Finance and administrative costs
  • Regulatory compliance costs
  • The costs of consumables
  • The prices charged since 2018 and how these have changed following changes in child care policy settings.

The ACCC will examine how costs and prices differ by:

  • Type of provider and size
  • Type of childcare service
  • Age and characteristics of the child in care
  • Geographic location
  • Level of competition and
  • The quality rating of the child care services provided.

How these factors impact child care provider viability, quality and profits will also be examined.

Providing information to the inquiry

The ACCC will collect information from child care providers as part of its inquiry.

A wide range of consultation will also take place as part of this inquiry and the ACCC will publish an indicative consultation schedule soon. Interested parties can email the ACCC at


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