Digital advertising services inquiry

Submissions to issues paper21 April 2020

The ACCC released an issues paper on 10 March 2020 seeking feedback on matters relevant to the inquiry. Submissions to the issues paper closed on 21 April 2020. Several submissions were received after this date. Public versions of the submissions received by the ACCC can be accessed via the links below.


The Inquiry is a public process and feedback (written and oral) will generally be posted on the ACCC website.

The ACCC can accept a claim of confidentiality from a party if the disclosure of information would damage their competitive position, the ACCC is satisfied the confidentiality claims are justified, and it is not necessary in the public interest to disclose the information. For further information on making a claim of confidentiality, see page 3 of the Ad Tech Inquiry Issues paper.

Individuals’ contact details have been removed from submissions.