Digital platforms

  • The ACCC examines competition and consumer issues relating to digital platforms, as part of inquiries we conduct and as part of law enforcement cases.
  • We are currently conducting the Digital platform services inquiry upon direction of the Australia Government. We also concluded inquiries into digital advertising services and digital platforms.
  • We developed a mandatory code of conduct to address power imbalances between Australian news media businesses and each of Google and Facebook.

News media bargaining code

The News Media Bargaining Code is a mandatory code of conduct governing commercial relationships between Australian news businesses and ‘designated’ digital platforms who benefit from a significant bargaining power imbalance.

Digital platform services inquiry 2020-25

The ACCC is conducting an inquiry into markets for the supply of digital platform services. These include internet search engine, social media, online private messaging, digital content aggregation platform, media referral and electronic marketplace services.

Digital advertising services inquiry report

Following a direction by the Australian Government, we conducted an inquiry into markets for the supply of digital advertising technology and digital advertising agency services. The final report was published in September 2021.

Digital platforms inquiry report

The inquiry looked at the effect that digital search engines, social media platforms and other digital content aggregation platforms have on competition in media and advertising services markets. The final report was published in July 2019.


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