CDR in the energy sector

Project overview


In May 2018, the Australian Government announced its intention to include energy data in the consumer data right (CDR). The CDR is a competition and consumer reform which will allow consumers to require a company such as their energy retailer to share their data with an accredited service provider such as a comparison site to get more tailored, competitive services. Consumers will need to consent and authorise their data to be shared under the CDR. The ability to securely share energy data with trusted parties will promote competition between energy service providers, leading to better prices and more innovation of products and services.

We will release an implementation timetable detailing key dates for the release of CDR data in the energy sector. While there is likely to be commonality in the CDR rules that apply across sectors, there are a number of sector-specific considerations. In energy, one relevant consideration is that a consumer’s energy data may be held by a number of organisations and it may therefore be appropriate to impose CDR obligations on more than one entity in the energy sector.


The ACCC has been assigned the lead role in rule-making, consumer education and enforcement, supported by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) and the interim Data Standards Body. We work closely with these agencies and energy market bodies. We also consult publicly with all stakeholders who have an interest in the CDR.

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