Consumer data right (CDR)

CDR Conformance Test Suite17 March 2021

The ACCC has released guidance for data holders and accredited data recipients on the Consumer Data Right Conformance Test Suite.

The Conformance Test Suite is an important part of the Consumer Data Right on-boarding process. It allows participants to test their compliance with the Consumer Data Standards and Consumer Data Right Register design. This testing takes place in a secure environment without exposing consumer data, nor interfering with live software products and brands.

Once a data holder has been registered, or an accredited data recipient has completed accreditation, an ACCC on-boarding officer will be in contact to help initiate the Conformance Test Suite process. Participants must pass the Conformance Test Suite before they receive an ‘active’ status on the Consumer Data Right Public Register.

The Conformance Test Suite guidance materials and enrolment forms are below. These documents are designed to assist participants with requesting access to, and progressing through, the Conformance Test Suite.